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Technical missions, a relationship of trust


I am proud to be able to support customers and help them avoid the numerous scams present on this market. In one month, I have already accompanied more than 40 customers in the purchase of their used vehicle...

Trustoo Spezialist

Share your technical skills ...

As a Trustoo specialist, you will perform complete inspections on more than 200 control points for our customers, including:

Administrative check

Engine compartment check

Static and road tests

Interior and exterior condition

You will report to the customer on the actual condition of the vehicle at the time of the inspection through a complete digital report and a photo file.

At Trustoo, we do our utmost to avoid scams for our customers; that is why we only recruit the best profiles.

And your soft skills

Appropriate technical skills are of course essential to become a Trustoo specialist. But there is more to it than that.

We also (and above all) make it a point of honour to create a relationship of trust with our customers.

Being a Trustoo specialist also means knowing how to:





Und  auch verhandeln! Wenn die Inspektion es erlaubt, sollten Sie nicht zögern, wegen dem Preis des Fahrzeugs für Ihren Kunden zu verhandeln.

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Automotive engineer

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Workshop manager

Rigueur Trustoo Rigueur Trustoo

Technical inspector

Competences requises trustoo Competences requises trustoo

What qualities and skills are required?



Sense of service

Experience in repair and maintenance

How to become a Trustoo specialist?


Register on the platform by filling in your details and documents.

Book a qualification slot

Make an appointment with one of our recruitment officers on a date you are available.


Our recruitment officer will contact you at the previously reserved slot. They will conduct a qualification interview to verify your knowledge and skills.

Feedback on your application

If your profile is validated, you can start working as a Trustoo specialist.

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